Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cloud Time Lapse

Lat weekend in the UK we were treated to some excellent skyscape and photogenic clouds. In an attempt to capture the splendour and detail I embarked upon some time lapse with my Olympus E3 dslr. Using a dedicated time lapse controller (PClix), a very tidy unit which connects, via a cable to my Olympus E3 and the 7-14mm to capture 6hrs of continuous cloud footage.

Olympus E3, 8mm fisheye
PClix time lapse controller 1 exp/5s
F5, shutter speed varies
ISO 100

4197 images (approx 6hrs) imported to PhotoScape and batch edited/resized to 640x480 Imported to QT pro and output at 24fps. The end result is a wonderful 6hrs in 3 mins.

Time lapse is an excellent way of viewing clouds in motion and you can see things that are unseen in real time. For example, wind shear. The wind shear (clouds moving at different speeds and direction with height) is a method used by balloon pilots to turn. Difficult to imagine a balloon in the sky turning as you would expect it to just be flowing with the wind. What they do is ascend and descend into veering winds and turn the 'balloon'.

I'll be loading more time lapse sequences in the near future so do come back. Also keep an eye on the Elemental Project website as I utilise time lapse on the various exciting elemental projects coming up.

Alternative direct link to download - Cloud Time lapse

An excellent example of the wind shear is show in this time lapse. About half way through the video watch the cloud at upper level moving at right angles to the lower level clouds. Absolutely mesmorising.

Alternative direct link to download - Cloud Time lapse


Colm said...

This is just amazing... I'm going to link to this from my weather site..

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