Friday, 8 February 2008

Northern Lights Expedition

Arrived in Tromso, Norway Thursday evening some 230 miles inside the arctic circle. Alister Chapman in tow covering the trip on video.

Visibility not very good upon arrival. Almost whiteout with snow in the air. Evaluation of the forecast via the Norwegion MetO looked poor over the next few days with too much cloud cover. We were almost heartbroken. A recovery plan was put into action down the local steak restaurant as we dined and mulled over plans for the forcoming days.

Firstly we need to move further east and North. The plan is Karasjok, Finnmark for a few days in the wild arctic, at a site only accessible by snowmobile. We shall leave today (Friday).

Secondly, a casual glance out of the restaurant and I noticed a few stars twinkling in the skies. Al and I hurriedly left and upon breathing the Tromso air we were delighted to see the entire sky had cleared. Totally amazed and excited we ran back to the hotel threw all the camera gear in the back of the car and drove out of Tromso, away from the city light pollution.

What we experienced over the next few hours was impossible to describe in words. I'll let the video and pictures tell their own story.

Not a perfect location for capturing the auraora with still too much Tromso light pollution and not an ideal foreground, but that's all we could get! Needless to say we were happy, very very happy.

Mark Humpage
Tromso, Norway


Linda Bennett said...

Nice one, Mark!!

Hope you continue to have clear skies!

Really looking forward to seeing your pictures!!

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