Sunday, 3 June 2007

USA Stormchase Trip - Green Light

It has been a long, long wait but a great looking storm pattern is now in place for next week, especially Wed 6th June within the Plains of USA, or commonly known as Tornado Alley. Convective parameters are now in place (and consistent through different model runs) for a significant severe weather outbreak. Tornadoes and indeed very strong events are expected.

I am now in the process of arranging flights to Denver, Colorado. My target is to arrive on Tuesday in readiness for the first effective day of stormchasing. I have the editor of Practical Photography ( a National camera magazine) in tow as well as a representative from my sponsors, Olympus. If the forecasts come good then I'm sure there will be plenty of fodder to fill a magazine!

I'll be keeping the blog up to date throughout the trip and hopefully include some photos.

Mark Humpage

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